Our acrylic crystal prisms are lightweight and easy to attach.

 (Four attached hexagonal prisms add an additional 3 1/2 INCHES
Total crystal swags length: 5 ½ inches


Our faceted acrylic crystals (sold as pictured) are perfect for beading on our bobeche or adding to any chandelier. Our fine acrylic prisms are faceted the same way Bohemian glass and Swarovski crystals are but without the weight or cost. Our crystal acrylic chandelier parts are strong and make beautiful accessories to any crystal items.
Not just for chandelier replacement anymore, our lightweight acrylic crystal prisms are the perfect ornaments for home decorating as well as arts and crafts. Acrylic prisms are a great accent to your new or antique chandelier and are perfect as Christmas tree decorations. Try mixing and matching colors for a unique look.
Don't buy cheap "plastic" crystals. 
Use Cristalier quality ACRYLIC beads & crystals for all of your projects

There is a difference between molded Plastic pieces vs High Quality Acrylic Crystals.
Plastic beads are made from a mold with a product called styrene. While a more light-weight product, styrene can produce a lower quality, cloudier looking plastic bead. Often times plastic beads will have pieces of the mold still attached to create sharp edges and the seam is highly visible. 
Our acrylic pieces are injected and virtually seamless and guaranteed to be clear and full of sparkles, all of our acrylic crystals are cut to resemble more expensive glass crystal beads. You can clean your crystals with Windex or warm water to ensure a lifetime of clarity.
Cristalier acrylic crystals look like real lead crystals from a distance, only you will know they are faux.


Purchasing & Delivery

Before You Buy

Cristalier Crystals strives to end each workday with all orders shipped. However, we are closed weekends and holidays.
To avoid delivery day disappointments, please plan accordingly.


Cristalier offers you LOW Shipping rates with FAST delivery.

Total Order / Delivery Times / Shipping Price
$0.00 – $5.00 - First Class 2-5 Days - $3.95
$5.01 – $75.00 - Expedited 2-3-Days - $7.95
$0.00 – $75.00 - Express 1-2 Days - $22.95
$5.01 – $16.50 - First Class 3-5 Days - $5.95
$75.01 – $250.00 - Expedited 2-3 Days - $12.50
$75.01 – $250.00 - Express 1-2 Days - $39.95
$251.00 – $500.00 - Expedited 2-3 Days - $29.95
$501.00 and up $49.95 - Fed Ex Ground (3-7 Days (No PO Box)


The following Return Policies are given to the original retail purchaser of Cristalier Crystals:

Wholesale orders are not returnable.
Items that have been used are not returnable.
You have 10 days from the day your order is delivered to make a return on crystals.
If you do not specify damaged crystals on your return form and we receive them damaged, we will not issue a credit. Be sure to pack the crystals carefully to avoid this situation.
Returned Orders are subject to a 20% restocking fee.
Shipping to or from Cristalier is not refundable.

Metal Parts & Clips
These are not refundable.

Wedding Trees must be returned within 3 days of delivery. Used trees are non-refundable. Trees are subject to a 50% restocking fee.
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