Crystal Chandeliers: Mirroring Personalities

Written by Earl Juanico

Sunday, 08 October 2006

Crystal chandeliers have that wonderful ability to engender the feeling of elegance and warmth to wherever they hang. For the reason that interior lighting of your home is an essential ingredient, it makes sense to use crystal chandeliers as a way of fostering, supplementing and embellishing the ambiance in whatever manner you can think of. We have heard talks of people “lighting up” with delight and we know, at once, what it actually implicates. Well-planned lighting will most certainly render the life and vibrancy to the reception and living rooms that you want. You can fiddle with the lighting just like ingredients of your favorite dish. Gentle light creates cozy and laid-back settings; different colors set a variety of moods. You can have fun and pleasure in selecting the kinds of lighting with which you feel comfortable. If you think you need to incite certain facets of your individuality, your personality, see if you can make a decision on how to coordinate these.

By molding these aspects to your needs and wishes, you gradually acquire the feeling that you are being more attuned and at one with your surroundings. Consider the old adage, “Your home is your castle.” Most of us would consider castles to be structural statements of unbeatable strength—effectively thwarting outside intrusions. So let kings choose their castles as they may wish, with their dungeons of decaying enemies. This is so far from the reality of the world many of us live in. The main point of this analogy is to ask the question, “Shouldn’t your dwelling be a reflection of you, of what is important to you?” Thus, this article suggests that it is a recommendable idea of making a house mirror the owner’s personality. The simplest way to do this is through crystal chandeliers.

Some of the most preferred ways of enriching our lives is to indulge our senses by being in touch with delightful objects. Crystal chandeliers have enchanted the moods of all who gaze on them for since the time of kings and knights. They come in such a plethora of variety that anyone is bound to find some style that fit them. If you decide to go for one of the larger imposing models, be certain that it is what you really want. Maybe you would not want it on all the time as your principal lighting though. Hence, it is recommended to keep options open such as have matching wall sconces with different light switches.

Your personality never gets out of the picture.

Crystals have their own charm. It has always been that way for many centuries. They even have therapeutic value as people heal themselves with them. Wherever you see clear or colored crystals, it catches your eye with its own magic. They are the womb of rainbows and give birth to delight and jollity. Who got it right by combining those together creating the ever-enchanting crystal chandelier? We can also get it right by bringing in these qualities to our lives, enriching our environment, enriching ourselves. Well, this is only a thought. In the mystic realms of our unconscious, we create our world. The world is not boxed in any definable way. It is people who add their own personal realities to the world; covering it with their words, their senses. Why not add the reality we want. Taking control of your lighting makes sense from the most fundamental to the downright practical.

Earl Juanico

Crystal Chandeliers: Choosing What Fits Your Style

Written by Earl Juanico

Thursday, 21 September 2006

If you are planning add extra spark to your home interiors, consider adding chandeliers. Apart from providing light, chandeliers also offer added elegance and charm to your rooms. There are many options to select from, which may also be requested as custom made. People usually pick the crystal chandelier selection because such an exquisitely done ornament can be considered to be a beautiful piece of art that you can add to your home.

When you are shopping for a chandelier, you might be spending some time thinking around of the right crystal chandelier selection that fits your home, not only in size and shape, but in style and charm as well. There are a lot of choices. You have a vast option from crystal chandeliers that sparkle to crystal chandeliers that twinkle. The factors to consider in finding the right fit for a crystal chandelier include the function of the room, the size and color of the room, and the overall motif of the home. The appropriate crystal chandelier selection indeed takes a lot of work, but it will be worth your time.

One option when looking for the appropriate crystal chandelier selection for your home is to look over home improvement stores that are so numerous these days. Often times these stores display a wide selection that you can purchase and take home on the same day. If you do not find what you are looking for there, another option is to look over specialty stores. Crystal chandeliers can normally be ordered if not in stock. Some even allow the customer to make their own personalized design to some extent.

Just as fashion ornaments the way you look, so does your crystal chandelier selection adds a slice of glamour to your home along with the more minimal lines of contemporary furniture. Crystal chandeliers were once fitted only for grander period interiors due to its elaborate style and design. However, in the last few years we have witnessed this home lighting embellishment revitalized with a more contemporary look that can fit with contemporary interior styles and arrangements.

The innovation of crystal chandelier styles is characterized as a merging between more traditional elements with modern furnishings. The way it is popularized by more and more households, makes crystal chandelier selection a normal undertaking when you are planning to decorate or redecorate your home interior.

At recent design shows in London, including Grand Designs Live, contemporary designs such as the Large Willow Crystal light—a crystal chandelier featuring Egyptian crystal droplets draped from sculptural chrome arms—are welcomed by the audience who are now more open to unorthodox and bolder designs. Just some few years ago, matching is a crucial thing when it comes to crystal chandelier selections. Now, people are more daring to try out radical perspectives and daring styles.

Black is particularly a key trend in crystal chandelier selections, which curiously gives a new spin to traditional crystal. The French Bedroom Company's "Von Teese"—named after burlesque performer Dita Von Teese—captivates the look of this baroque chic. Its largest version ever made has been featured on Channel 4's Big Brother. Black adds a classic taste to crystal chandelier selections. They become not only just another aesthetic agent to the home, but also are made to last through time. In addition, these black crystal chandeliers are highly adaptable. It can be placed wherever you feel putting them. Such a crystal chandelier design frees up the constraints imposed by more traditional selections.

Take the time to find the best chandelier for your home. Consider where it will be and the rooms purpose. Also consider the your tastes and the style of your home. Of course you will be limited by a budget, perhaps, but taking time to look in all the possible places (online, home improvement store, and specialty stores) will give you many options.

Earl Juanico

Discover the enchanting world of crystal chandeliers

Ma. Roma C. Agsalud
Monday, January 29 2007
Since the time of kings and knights, crystal chandeliers have up to modern days enchanted the mood of anyone who gazes up on them, leaving a feeling of bedazzlement and wonders.

Charm is inherent in each and every piece of crystal. For many centuries, crystals have always been an awe-inspiring piece of art. Would you believe that they possess therapeutic values as people heal themselves with crystals? If you are to gaze upon a clear or colored crystal, your eyes will be caught by its magic. You cannot help but wonder at how it gives you delight and joy. Doesn’t joy lessen the tension of your tired body at the end of a stressful day at work?

Wouldn’t it be right to bring such joy to our daily lives by enriching our environment with the ever-enchanting crystal chandeliers?

I may be in wishful thinking mode as I write this article. I may be too idealistic. In reality, people are the ones who create the world we live in. It is us who dictate our own personal realities to the world. So why not enhance the reality we need.
You must take control of our lighting fundamentals. Choose the style of crystal chandeliers to light your home, a style to suit your own taste. The modern day influence on the designs of crystal chandelier is prevalent on the recent editions of chandeliers. The present designs provide a sense of modernity to one’s interior decoration emphasizing the owner’s sense of appreciation. You can have an array of modern day crystal chandeliers which are made of two or more materials like metals painted with chrome, silver, gold, or bronze and are combined with glass materials enhanced with stylish lighting elements or candle holders within it. The arts and craftsmanship are results of advanced tools and equipment available nowadays.
Crystal chandelier market has received a lot of boosting that is why people can make use of this piece of arts to enhance their somewhat humble homes and make it look like a mansion of their dreams. Chandelier can easily control the motif of the interior decoration of a simple-looking house.

Chandelier designs can be custom-made based on a customer’s personal choice as this is one way of exploring his own designing skills and displaying his own brand of art. Most manufacturers and sellers observed that buyers prefer crystal chandelier because of its “flashing elegance and beauty, reflecting any lights that might come upon it.

Crystal chandeliers come in an array of selection which could fit to an individual’s taste and personality. There are people who still go for the Victorian or Renaissance type. If you the type of person who cannot decide which you really want, you can always consult professional interior designers. Normally, manufacturers or sellers can give you bits and pieces of advice as to the kind of chandelier would fit to your home. Oftentimes, consultations and estimations are given free of charge.
Lighten up your life, enrich it and indulge your senses with the dazzling beauty of the ever enchanting world of crystal chandeliers.

The perfect crystal chandelier for your home

Ma. Roma C. Agsalud - as from
Crystal chandeliers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Deciding and selecting the perfect chandelier for your home may prove to be a very tedious task. Although most people go for shiny brass multi-arms with faux candle socket and flame-shaped bulbs, you can always choose your own unique chandelier in order to make it fit perfectly into your home.

The first important thing that you need to do before your chandelier-hunting activity is to measure the dimensions of the room where the chandelier will be placed. Add the width and the length of the room in feet and then convert it to inches. The number you will get in inches will be the near about diameter of the chandelier.

The second consideration is the placement of the chandelier. It should be placed in the ceiling in such a manner that the light is equally distributed in the area. In order to avoid accidents, the roughly estimated gap between the table and the chandelier should be 30 inches.

To maximize wall art decors, it is advisable to use recessed lights. For dining and for special occasions, a dimmer light can create a preset level

Two or three low-voltage pendants can be used, in cases where your table is long and narrow. This will distribute light properly.

Finding the right chandelier will do wonders for the beauty and style of your home. In the past, chandeliers were designed for the usage of the wealthy and the powerful. It is believed that to build an impressive and complete home structure, there is a need to find the perfect chandelier that is capable of creating its own unique and elegant beauty.

How Does Crystal Chandelier Became Symbol of Wealth

Eliza Maledevic
Friday, February 02 2007

Chandeliers were originally used in abbeys and medieval churches in order to competently light up huge rooms and halls. It is a fixture set at the ceiling which has about two or more arms embracing lights. Before, chandelier typically form was of a wooden cross which has spikes for securing it.

Afterward, chandelier was not only for lighting purposes, it even gained decorative and aesthetic functions, ever since it took on further sophisticated forms. Finding chandeliers in palaces and at the homes of the rich, it that really surprising, in time, chandeliers became a symbol of wealth.

Crystal chandelier is one form of chandeliers. It varied and devised gradually but the stature came through the development of lead glass in England in the 17th century, stated by Jutta-Arnette Page, curator of the European Collection at the Corning Museum of Glass at New York.

The result of lead is the capacity of making the glass extremely refractive, so the adding of lead had given the old crystal its clearness and glittering shine. The refraction of the glass clearly outlines the quality of the chandelier.

Donna Wilkinson described the familiarity as reminiscent of Europe’s 18th and 19th century magnificence. “Tiers of flickering candle flames were reflected in the diamond like drops and pendants; every color of the rainbow was dispersed throughout the room,” stated by in her article written for Arts & Antiques Magazine. Rock crystal was uncommon and very pricey during those times, a reason why there have been problems on attaining refraction. And that cristallo was quite delicate and breakable, which makes it complex and hard in cutting the crystal that can make probable fraction.

Developed in the year 1676, a crystalline glass that can be an option to rock crystal, it was done by George Ravenscroft, an English man, who actually searches for an alternative. Glass becomes supple and easier to slash if adding lead oxide was made; this was discovered by George after performing series of test and experimentations. The simplicity of cutting can make the glass even more refractive and will turn out to be more transparent than the rock crystal.

Jessie McNab, associate curator of decorative arts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, stated that “Lead glass gave fire and life to glass crystals. And if it was used on chandeliers with candles, it was absolutely brilliant.”

Chandeliers soon became opulence objects and its designs became even more complicated and sophisticated. The demand for chandeliers rose. Rococo was been the biggest influenced with the chandeliers in 1750s. Chandeliers made with cut-glass pendants and some glittering ornaments which gave it more clarity and sparkle. The stunning style of Robert Adam, in 1765, actually made chandeliers longer. Grecian-um a design was used with the shafts of the chandeliers. The arms of the chandelier were strung with chains of pendants and the drip pans like bells and flowers, were even more sophisticated and complex.

The attainment of the ‘English crystal’ actually undergone heaps of problems and implementation, but the European continent is still hoping that this would come up better. J. & L. Lobmeyer in Vienna and baccarat in France, made some attempts, and were able to attain excellent lead crystal chandeliers in the 1820s and 1830s. Artisans didn’t stop in developing better and exceptional chandeliers.

Crystal Chandelier for Your Dining Room

Eliza Maledevic
Tuesday, February 20 2007

Most people wanted to add beauty to a certain room in order to make there homes more appealing.

Putting chandelier can add sparks and appeal to a room, and more permanent than lamps that one can move around. But take this note, to make sure that chandelier can really add beauty and will work well, proper positioning is required.

There are heaps of varieties of chandeliers and crystal chandelier is one of the well known types of chandeliers.

In choosing a crystal chandelier for a room in your home, size is one factor to consider. The proportion of the size of the room and the size of the crystal chandelier should be look into. If you put a small crystal chandelier in a huge room, then the chandelier will just look secluded. If in case, you put huge crystal chandelier in a small room, then the room will look crowded. Indeed, there are lots of crystal chandeliers to choose from, all you have to do is look for the best one that will fit to your room.

All it takes is creativity in searching for a crystal chandelier that will add beauty and spark to a room. There are wide variety of crystal chandelier and wide range of designs, style and finishes to choose from. Crystal chandeliers’ styles can range from complicated, large, modern, authentic and the likes. Crystal chandeliers certainly can add significance and value to any home.

If in case, you are choosing a crystal chandelier for your dining room, then proportions are really very important. One should put into attention the proportions in putting a crystal chandelier in the dining room. One should measure the width and the length of the dining table, and if in case your dining table is round, you have to measure the diameter of the table. So when you are looking and buying a crystal chandelier, the measurements you have should be taken into consideration. In choosing a crystal chandelier, you have to take note the span of the crystal chandelier must be twelve inches shorter than the dining table's width.

Next thing, you have to check out in putting crystal chandelier in the dining room is the electric box. You have to check it out, in order to make sure that new light can be supported before installing the crystal chandelier.

If one wanted to hang the crystal chandelier over the dining table, make sure that the crystal chandelier is align with the center of the dining table with 30 to 33 inches gap between the tabletop and the bottom of the crystal chandelier. The reason of putting a gap to ensure that there will be no bumped heads.

You have to consider buying the right bulbs in having a crystal chandelier in your room. It is better to decrease the watt rating of the bulbs when the chandelier requires large numbers of bulbs. As soon as you put the right bulb, the crystal chandelier can give the room the sufficient light coverage.

Yes, indeed. The crystal chandelier can give beauty and spark to a room, but it is advisable to clean the crystal chandelier at least once a year. Turn off the light for about 10 minutes, before cleaning it, in doing so, you are just considering your safety, you certainly do not want to have a burnt hand or even worse than that.

Contemporary Chandeliers are Popular Today

Eliza Maledevic
Friday, February 23 2007

In the past, as one think of a chandelier, images of expensive crystal and glass chandelier found in rich and famous mansions are the ones that come into their minds.

Before, the broad impression of people to chandeliers is that they are too expensive and too bold. Though, contemporary chandeliers nowadays are the ‘in thing’. They are not too complicated and too elaborate, and they come with different styles and designs.

Certainly, there are a lot of varieties of contemporary chandeliers that one can choose from, the contemporary chandelier that will fit your home.

Contemporary chandeliers can be made of numerous different metal finishes, such as bronze, brass, nickel, chrome, and even silver. There are heaps of bronze finishes such as weathered bronze, imperial bronze, tannery bronze, dorian bronze, and sable bronze patinas. With the nickel finishes, one can get from brushed nickel, brushed nickel with chrome, iron oxide, olde pewter, olde iron, polished brass, empire silver, distressed black, and so on.
Indeed, there are even a lot of varieties in terms of the shades such as marble glass shades, etched opal glass shades, antique etched glass, Venetian Scavo glass, double French Scavo glass, umber with teadust glass, umbered alabaster, silk shades, and a lot, lot more.
There are also contemporary chandeliers that are made of glass, but there are pricey than those contemporary chandeliers made with metal. Contemporary chandeliers comes with different patterns, color schemes, styles and designs, each gives and put distinct glow to any room. Contemporary chandelier can also give a room a unique way of giving light to a home. As for the lights, contemporary chandeliers offers porcelain lighting that can give a home a fine ambience.
In terms of the number of lights in the contemporary chandelier, there a lot of varieties as well, it depends on what you desire to put on your home. There are heaps of types of contemporary chandeliers and they all vary in styles, designs, color schemes, it’s really up to you, on which type you like choose that will fit to the style and design of your home.

Besides, the main purpose of the contemporary chandelier is to give a home a modern interior decoration. And creativity in choosing a contemporary chandelier for your home is required, since you will be the one who will search for the right contemporary chandelier that will suit your style, your design and your home.

Now that there are lots of contemporary chandeliers available in the market, store, on the internet, and so on, all you can to do is search for the right one. Since there are many chandeliers out there, everyone can turn there homes into art gallery. These amazing pieces can make a home more appealing and attractive.

Whether you decide to have a contemporary chandelier that is simple or uncomplicated or bold and rich, surely no one will go wrong from the many types of contemporary chandeliers to beautify the interior of a home. All it takes is find the certain piece with the lots of different contemporary chandelier that will fit to your home. Just be creative enough in searching for the right contemporary chandelier for you.

Tips in Making Your Crystal Chandelier Sparkling Clean

Eliza Maledevic
Sunday, February 25 2007

Indeed, putting a crystal chandelier can add beauty and elegance to any room.

One can put the crystal chandelier to your hall, or dining table, in your bedroom, or even in your bathroom, you can put it to any place you please, absolutely it will add spark in that certain area.

But in order to make sure that your crystal chandelier can always add beauty, elegance and spark into your home; you have to give time to clean it. For sure you wanted a shiny crystal chandelier than a dusty chandelier, do I make sense now. This article will give you some tips in cleaning and making your crystal chandelier sparkling clean.

For a rapid cleaning, you better start by putting newspaper or towels into the floor, a drop cloth beneath the crystal chandelier, to make sure that the home will not get messy just because you’re cleaning a certain part of it. Now, you have to use a long-handled feather duster and reach it up and clean as much as you can. The next thing to do is take a glass cleaner and spray your crystal chandelier. Do not hesitate to wet you crystal chandelier with glass cleaner, actually that would be a good idea. Then just let it drip off, then that’s it. With that little work, your crystal chandelier is sparkling clean again. This is a great and easy way to clean your crystal chandelier.

But of course, immense cleaning should happen even once a year, which would be a more outstanding way to make sure that you crystal chandelier is well cleaned. You just have to bear in mind that immense cleaning requires scrubbing and disassembly. But of course, this article will give you tips on how to go about immense cleaning.

The first thing you should do is turn out the light. Then you gently remove the lamps of from the fixtures. But of course, you need someone to help you especially if the crystal chandelier is big and heavy. If you prefer not to remove the crystal chandelier and just leave the crystal chandelier attached, all you have to do then is remove the crystals since they need some cleaning. Then you have to remove the bulbs of the crystal chandelier. In order to protect your crystal chandelier it is wiser to lay down a folded towel into the wash pan or any basin you decide to use for cleaning. The next thing you should do is fill the basin with hot water and add soap or any detergent of your choice. Then gently remove each crystal and wash them with the soap or detergent, rinse them will the hot water, it is even wiser to have another basin with hot water with a little ammonia in it, if you desire to. Wipe the crystals dry and immediately put the crystals back onto the chandelier. Now, you have to bear in mind that you do not have to remove the crystal all at the same time, because you might forget the exact place of the crystals when you are putting them back, so better to remove one at a time. Then you have to wipe the arms of the crystal chandelier. Then wipe the bulbs and as soon as you are done wiping put the bulbs back to there socket.

At some point, you can’t determine how dirty a thing is unless you will see it sparkling clean again. So in order to see your crystal chandeliers sparkling clean again, you better do the tips these article mentioned.

Crystal Chandelier – Excellent Home Decoration

Eliza Maledevic
Friday, March 02 2007

Do you find your home dull and boring? If you are planning to purchase home decoration in order to make your home will elegance and spark, crystal chandelier is the best home decoration you need.

Indeed, crystal chandeliers were known to be elegant and pricey, and usually found on palaces and mansions.

But, crystal chandeliers nowadays cannot only be found on palaces and mansions. Crystal chandelier can be found in any home. You can purchase a crystal chandelier for your own home as well.

There are different types of crystal chandeliers, and each can provide elegance and spark to a home. All you have to do is search for the crystal chandelier that can be an excellent home decoration at your home.

There are few things to look into in searching for a crystal chandelier for your home, one is the space. You have to measure the space of the particular room, where you want to put the crystal chandelier to determine the size of the crystal chandelier to purchase. Let us say, it the room is so spacious, then you can put a big crystal chandelier. Or if you are planning to put it in the dining room, then you have to measure the dining table and use this in purchasing your crystal chandelier.

Other factors you have to look into are the shape, the style, and the design you want in a crystal chandelier. Actually, there are a lot of types that you can choose from. But of course, you have to consider your style and your home. Certainly, you want it, to match with the other fixtures in your home, so you have to look and look until you find the best crystal chandelier as your home decoration.

You can find the best crystal chandelier in a lot of places such as specialty stores, home improvement stores and also through the internet. There are heaps of website that offer crystal chandelier, just search for the excellent one, the one that can give to the one you are looking for.

Indeed, you all know that crystal chandelier can give beauty, charm, spark, and elegance to your home. But you have to make sure to find and purchase the best one. Of course, there are lots of factors to consider, that you have to consider to come up to the best crystal chandelier that can give beauty, charm, spark and elegance to your home.

Take your time, in searching for the crystal chandelier; you need to give time in finding the right home decoration for the betterment of your home.

As soon as you find the crystal chandelier, then you will have the excellent home decoration that give beauty, charm, spark and elegance to your home. The buying process, quite needs some time and effort to find the crystal chandelier that will look best in your home. But if you finally see the crystal chandelier at you home, the time and effort has definitely paid off.

As a piece of advice, in order to maintain the beauty and spark of your crystal chandelier, clean it with large feather duster. But you still have to make deep cleaning even once a year.

Shopping for the Best Chandelier for Your Home

Eliza Maledevic
Monday, March 05 2007

What a good idea! You now decided to add an excellent look and beauty of a chandelier in your home.

Now, you have to choose which chandelier will be the right one for you. It can be a crystal, rustic, contemporary and so on. There are a lot of different chandeliers, there are chandeliers that are expensive and there affordable ones. It really depends on the styles, on the materials use, on the designs and the like.

There are affordable chandeliers out there that you can shop for your home. But now, do you have in mind the right chandelier you are looking for? Definitely, there are lots of chandeliers to choose from, but this article will give you some tips on how to find the right chandelier for you, the one that will meet your style and your budget.

The first thing you should do is determine the type of chandelier you are interested in purchasing. There are a lot of types such as crystal, rustic, contemporary and a lot, lot more. Basically, in looking for the right chandelier for your home, you have to take a look at the style and design of your home and take it from there.

You should also decide on how many lights you prefer in a chandelier, the size, the shape, the design of the type of chandelier you choose.

As soon as you come up to the type of chandelier you prefer to purchase, you can now start shopping for the chandelier for your home. Start looking for the chandeliers that are affordable ones, the one that will suit to your budget. You can compare, compare and compare. There are many chandeliers that are out in the market, so you can compare and compare until you find the right chandelier for you.

There are a lot of merchants that offer affordable chandeliers; you can search for the affordable chandelier that will fit your style and budget. Just search and search to several merchants in order to find the right chandelier for your home.

Another way to find chandeliers is through the internet. There are a lot of websites that offer affordable and attractive chandeliers. Any types that you desire in a chandelier, you can find in the internet. Actually there are a lot of websites that offer rebates, free shipping, and/or custom designs. So all you have to do is search for the websites and shop for the chandelier you want.

One additional advantage in searching for chandelier in the internet is that, you can look for detailed photos and receives details about the chandelier. Indeed, the internet has a lot of different types of chandeliers and styles, designs and so on, for you to choose from. So you can search for the website that can offer you the right chandelier you are looking for.

Chandelier can certainly make your home beautiful and elegant. So you have to give a time in shopping for the best chandelier for your home. You can follow the tips mentioned in this article if you desire to, in order for you so find the best chandelier that will suit your style and budget.

Ways on How to Maintain the Beauty in Your Chandeliers

Sunday, March 18 2007
Eliza Maledevic
How would you like to decorate your home with beautiful crystal chandeliers? Do you have any idea on how to maintain the sparkle in your chandeliers?

Well nowadays crystal chandeliers are very demanding. Before we usually see crystal chandeliers in expensive hotels, elegant function halls, and corporate buildings. But now even in homes you’ll be able to see crystal chandeliers. Well crystal chandeliers are very nice decorations that we can use to add attraction to any commercial or residential project. A crystal chandelier can make a residential or commercial structure more attractive for it has magical colors. These magical colors sparkle all over the place. It can reflect on your ceilings, walls and even furniture. In order for you to maintain the beautiful sparkling effect of your crystal chandeliers make sure that you maintain the cleanliness of the lighting fixtures. So here are tips for you to remember for maintaining your crystal chandeliers. But be reminded that the frequency of cleaning your chandelier depends on the type of chandelier you have.

First you must remember that crystal chandeliers need to be clean especially when they look dirty, full of dust or look dull. It’s easy to determine if your chandelier is dirty, you can see the black dust all over. Secondly, when cleaning your chandeliers be sure to use an antistatic brush to avoid breakage. Be aware that when you clean your chandeliers the crystal pendants should not rub each other. Rubbing of the small pendants in a chandelier can cause small cracks that can turn into big cracks for a long time. Never ever use cleaning fluids even though it says that its safe for crystal surfaces, the cleaning fluid may contain an ingredient that is ammonia and other chemicals that will have an effect at the frame finish of the chandelier.

According to experts from Schonbek, if you’re using modern newly designed chandeliers you can clean them up without removing the pendants from the chandeliers frame. All you have to do is wear white cotton gloves, and then hold the pendants. Afterwards spray the chandelier with a solution consisting of ¼ of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water about ¾. Make sure that you spray a little amount of the said solution to the alcohol and wipe it with a dry cloth.

On the other hand if you are using the old chandeliers its advisable that you detach the crystal pendant from the chandelier, give it a hand wash using a lukewarm using a mild soap, hypoallergenic soaps are better to use. Afterwards rinse it with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth. When removing the pendants make sure that you draw the trim diagram of the chandelier so it will serve as your guide when reassembling the chandelier again. It’s a big no no to put back the pendants on the chandelier if they are still wet for it may cause an erosion to the metal parts of the chandeliers. Never rotate your chandeliers when cleaning for it could fall down. Always wear gloves when cleaning your chandeliers for your safety. Do remember that crystal chandeliers are very delicate so be sure that you take an extra care.

So for a long lasting beautiful crystal chandelier just follow these tips and be 100 percent sure that you maintain the beauty in your chandeliers.

Easy steps on installing your crystal chandeliers

Eliza Maledevic
Posted on Mar 30, 2007
Nowadays crystal chandeliers are very demanding. Crystal chandeliers really play a big factor in adding appeal to your house.

So to all of you who purchase a crystal chandelier, my congratulations! So to help our enjoy tour crystal chandeliers I’ll give you easy way steps on how to install your chandeliers.

Remember installing crystal chandeliers requires careful attention to every detail.

First you have to know how heavy your crystal chandelier is. If you see that it nearly matches the weight of your present lighting fixture, there is no need for you to replace the junction box. On the other hand if your chandelier is heavier that your present lighting fixture there is a need for you to purchase and install a junction box that will support the chandeliers weight.

Then after that do remember that you have to shut off the power to the circuit feeding of the chandelier. Use a circuit tester to verify the electricity is shut off. Then afterwards you have to remove the old light fixture. While performing this fixture remembers you have to mark how the fixture was and mark the wires with tape.

Then if it is necessary you have to install the junction box as soon as possible. You have to attach the hardware from he new chandelier to the m mounting strap. If you cant find a mounting strap it means you have to install one.

You have to wire the new chandelier in the same way as the former fixtures. Connect the wires. But do remember that in putting the wire you have to match the colors. Remove about ½ inch of insulation from each of the new wire before attaching it to the corresponding ceiling wire.

Once you finished twisting the wires from the new chandelier to the ceiling wires, you have to twist the wire nuts in a clockwise position. You have to know that in every new chandelier you buy the manufacturer always include manual of instructions for you to be able to complete the process in installing your crystal chandelier.

Be reminded also that if your installing your crystal chandelier in a dining room or kitchen area make sure that the crystal chandelier hangs at least thirty inches above any table you might place under it. Your crystal chandelier should measure twelve inches less in diameter than the width of the table.

And of course always seek for someone’s help when installing your crystal chandeliers. Crystal chandeliers are usually heavy but delicate. Remember if you drop the crystal chandelier you’ll destroy it.

So now you have enough knowledge on how to install your crystal chandeliers, make sure that you have to buy a crystal chandelier that will blend the painting of your home for a more appealing effect. And be reminded that if you want to maintain the beauty of your crystal chandelier for a long time you have to clean it once in a while .so stand up from your seat and start installing your crystal chandelier.

Choosing the Best Crystal Chandelier for Your Home

Eliza Maledevic
Wednesday, February 14 2007

If you wanted to add a spark and charm to your home, why not consider crystal chandelier in adding elegance and charm to your space.

There are loads of varieties of chandeliers, but the crystal chandeliers are normally picked by people since it is considered as an excellent piece of art that can be put in a home.

In looking of the best crystal chandelier that will greatly fit your, you will have to look for the size, the shape, and of course the style and the charm as well. Actually, there are heaps of choices to pick from. But in choosing the best crystal chandelier, there are some factors to consider. You have to look at the function of the room, the size, the color of the room and the overall motif and design of your home. You have to consider all of these factors in order to find a crystal chandelier that will fit to the style and design of a home. Indeed, the process of selecting a crystal chandelier takes plenty of work, but as soon as you can find the right one, the work done is worth it.

One way in looking for the right crystal chandelier choice for your home is by searching in some home improvement stores. Usually, these stores present large variety that you can buy and take home in that day.

If in case, you still haven’t seen the right crystal chandelier for your home, better to search over specialty stores. In specialty stores, a crystal chandelier can be ordered if not in stock. There are even some who let their customers make their own personalized design.

Just like fashion ornaments that added glamour to your home, crystal chandelier works in that way as well. Nowadays, crystal chandeliers are known with its modern look that can fit with modern interior styles and arrangements.

The modernization of crystal chandelier styles is characterized with the combination of traditional elements with modern furnishings. Crystal chandeliers are now popular to lot of people who plan to decorate or redecorate their homes. They believe that crystal chandeliers can add spark and charm to homes.

Large Willow Crystal light, a contemporary design, is a crystal chandelier that features Egyptian crystal droplets draped from sculptural chrome arms, is certainly welcomed by people who are now open with eccentric and bolder designs. Actually, people nowadays are more courageous to try out daring and bolder styles.

A crystal chandelier choice which is mainly a key trend now is black, which gives a new twist to the traditional crystal. Black is made as an artistic agent to the home which is made to last for a long period of time. These black crystals are highly adaptable. These black crystals can be put to any places you desire.

Yes, crystal chandeliers can add beauty, spark and charm to your home. But take time to choose the best one that will fit to your home. Better to consider the space where you will put it, the style and design of your home, the furniture and fixtures, since in considering these factors, you can come up with the appropriate crystal chandelier that will fit you style. You also have to consider your budget, better to search and search maybe through home improvement stores, online, specialty stores, until you finally find the best crystal chandelier that will fit your style and your budget as well.

The Perfect Crystal Chandelier for Your Home

Eliza Maledevic
Wednesday, March 21 2007

If you wish to make your home more appealing, because you find it dull, adding attractive decors is what comes up to your mind. But do you have the exact décor in mind?

Most people want to make their home an attractive and sophisticated one, so eventually, they find ways to make it look great. There are some people who wish to make there home just like the homes of the rich, but they think that it wouldn’t be possible because they do not have enough money to make it elegant and appealing just like mansions and palaces.

But you see, do not lose hope, you can also have the chance to put crystal chandeliers at your very own homes, yes, you heard me right, you can also put your own crystal chandeliers to make your homes appealing and sophisticated. There are crystal chandeliers that are affordable and you can purchase to make your home an elegant and appealing one.

You want to put crystal chandelier in your home to make it appealing and elegant right, so in order to make sure that it will look the way you want it, you have to consider the style and design of your home in choosing the perfect crystal chandelier for your home. Look at the motif of your home, the design and the style, so to come up to the appropriate crystal chandelier that matches the style of your home.

Another factor you really have to take into consideration is the size of the crystal chandelier you need to purchase for your home. You have to look at the specific space you decide to hang the crystal chandelier. You see, a huge crystal chandelier is not appropriate in a small space, because it will look crowded. A small crystal chandelier is not right in a huge room, because it will just look dull. So the size is very important in purchasing a crystal chandelier that will look perfect at your home.

You can look for crystal chandeliers at specialty stores, home improvements stores and also through the internet. There are websites that offers crystal chandeliers; they can even provide you photos of the crystal chandeliers and details about the chandeliers. There are actually lots of people who searches and purchases crystal chandeliers through the internet. So if you desire to look and search for the perfect crystal chandelier for your home, you can find it by using the internet.

If you finally find the perfect crystal chandelier that will suit your style, you can now put it on to your ceiling. But of course, you have to make sure of your safety, so you have to check on to the electric box and see to it that it can still afford to accommodate some more lights. Also make sure to purchase the right bulbs for your crystal chandeliers.

Yes, indeed, as soon as it is set, you could see the difference. You now have a more appealing and attractive home.

Since the crystal chandelier can make your home more appealing and elegant, you have to make sure that you take good care of it, clean it, give a bit of your time to make sure that the crystal chandelier will continually have its spark and charm.

Crystal Chandelier for an Attractive Room

Eliza Maledevic
Posted on Apr 5, 2007
If you hear the word lighting fixture, what is the first thing that comes up to your mind? I would say crystal chandeliers. Since, crystal chandeliers are well-known sophisticated and attractive lightning that you can put in a home.

Through the 15th century crystal chandeliers are said to be a popular decorative designs for the homes and other commercial establishments. Sometimes crystal chandeliers are said to determine your way of living in the society.

The use of crystal chandeliers started many decades ago. We usually see crystal chandeliers hanging in our living rooms, dining areas and hallways. As time pass by, the use of crystal chandeliers started to bloom. Almost everyone wish to own or have a crystal chandelier. Others spend hundreds of thousands of money just to buy a crystal chandelier.

Nowadays crystal chandeliers are also use as a decoration for the bedrooms. It is said that a crystal chandelier can help in making a room look more beautiful. Crystal chandeliers give a different look into a room because of the magical colors from its lightings.

Other interior designers said that crystal chandeliers can be turn into a modern look that will make them add more distinguishable effects on the color and aura of your rooms. With the use of crystal chandeliers you’re trying to show a different look or a new way to emphasize the aura of your house.

Craft experts say that our crystal chandeliers can now be turn into a more modern design. We can turn the colors of the crystal chandeliers into a focal point that can create a more dramatic look instead of just a plain light source. While other crystal chandeliers can be crafted in different abstracts with the shades of a sulk drum.

Other crystal chandeliers are often ornate with many lamps and other shapes of glass, which illuminates the room in many patterns. Crystal chandeliers can make you feel you belong to a royalty family because of the underlying and exquisite beauty it radiates.

Because of the majestic charm, which crystal chandeliers possess, it attracts most people to decorate their houses with it. When buying your crystal chandeliers there are lots of different designs that you could choose from which are sold in the market. It will really depend on your taste on how you will choose a crystal chandelier for your home. There are different chandeliers that are made from the crystals, brass, wrought irons and so many more.

To be able to decide on what kind of crystal chandelier will fit your room, always start with decorations that are simple in colors or those crystal chandeliers that will be predominant in the decoration of your rooms.

Be reminded that blending in all the decorations in your room is very important to make it more look beautiful and attractive.

As soon as you purchase the crystal chandelier you want, you can now hang it out to your room. Definitely, your room looks wonderful as the crystal chandelier is hanging there.

Surely you know that a chandelier will make your home or your room in particular, so you have to take some time to clean it up. Clean the crystal chandelier so to maintain its appeal and spark. Just be extra careful in cleaning it.

New look with the modern crystal chandeliers

Eliza Maledevic
Posted on Apr 2, 2007
Some of the things that make a room look more beautiful and with an alluring aura are the lightings, vases, pillows, curtains, hardware’s etc. According to the Long Island interior designers these are just some that can beautify your home.

The interior designers from the Long Island gave a few tips in order to add a distinguishable texture, color and aura in regards to your room decors.

Interior designers said that the use of chandeliers in a room is a new way on showing the aura of your house. Crystal chandeliers were known to be use over the dining area, living room, hallways and foyers. But according to the owner of Mabley Handler Interior Designers, which is located in Water Mill, Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler, chandeliers can now be turn into modern designs. These chandeliers can be crafted in shapes that are abstract with sulk drum shades. Their colors can be turn into dramatic that can create a focal point instead of a light source.

Mabley says that many people who are in favor with the transitional decorating-pairing of traditional pairings with contemporary accessories are still looking for different ways on how to create their new design of textures.

According to Handler, there are others, which are looking for creative uses for cultured faux stone panels, which are designed to mimic a river rock or field, stone.

Mabley added that other fabrics that are inspired by Indians and their glassware accessories are sometimes being paired with furniture’s that are monochromatic which can create a space that is unique, contemporary and global.

Mabley states that in beddings, pillows and draperies are embroidered with jewel-toned fabrics, while the rugs within the area with similar patterns can contribute to a more traditional and sophisticated look in a room.

Classicism in Crystal Chandeliers

Eliza Maledevic
Posted on Mar 30, 2007

Have you ever felt being regal by just staring at a crystal chandelier? I would say that crystal chandeliers exude elegance to whatever place it’s mounted on. The underlying beauty in it is the feeling of being part of a royal family and seeing the exquisite beauty it radiates. Wouldn't it be nice to hang a chandelier in your own home?
Several modern crystal chandeliers are often very ornate with dozens of lamps and complex arrays of glass shapes to illuminate the room in many intricate patterns. More often, you can observe such from a five star hotel or from homes of wealthy families. Buying a crystal chandelier could be of a luxury to any average family but to some filthy rich people it is their pride to expose the grandeur of their house. The fixture's popularity has been a status symbol from the 15th century up to this point of time. No average family could ever afford to buy this lighting fixture for the purpose of illuminating their house. Not to mention that crystal chandeliers are use to efficiently lighten up large halls during medieval period. They were used in medieval churches and abbeys.

Way back in 15th century, chandeliers based on ring and crown designs began to become popular decorative features. This paved the way to the status symbol in every society. By early 18th century, chandeliers made of ornate cast brass flourished among the house of merchant classes, also development of glass making during this time lead to the production of cheaper lead crystal. The light scattering properties of this highly refractive glass became more prominent which piloted the production of crystal chandeliers. Through out the years more complex and elaborate ceiling fixtures continued to develop until the widespread introduction of gas and eventually electrical lighting which devalued the traditional form of its lighting appeal.

Towards the end of 20th century, crystal chandeliers were used as a decorative focal point to any room, which defeated the purpose of illuminating large rooms. Now, the world's biggest crystal chandelier is located in Dolmabahce Palace, Turkey. It was a gift from Britain to His Imperial Majesty, The Emperor of the Ottomans.

This majestic charm of crystal chandelire is attracting people to decorate their houses with grandiosity. Currently, you can have a variety of different designs of these ceiling fixtures being sold in the market. Your taste would actually depend on how you would like to exude classicism on your own house. You may want to have it made from crystal, wrought iron, brass and others. To find the right style chandelier for your home, simply begin with a color or a material that is predominant in the decoration scheme of the room. What catches your eye in the room? What type of statement do you want to make? If the room is more traditional, choose crystal chandeliers with more ornamentation and decorative details. If your home is modern, opt for less ornamentation and simpler details.

But be reminded that in choosing your chandeliers make sure that it blends with the design and paintings of your house.

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Sun catchers are the perfect complement to any window. They may be mass-manufactured, or may be created as arts and crafts objects. Also, sun catchers are the great way to express your own personality or reflect your desired hobby. Celestial, lighthouse, butterfly, and floral sun catchers are just a few of the unique styles available. Custom sun catchers are a great choice for adding a personal touch to your home. Sun catchers add sparkle and beauty to any room in your home. They come in a massive variety of styles that dazzle the eye faraway beyond the paint-n-bake sun catchers of childhood.

A suncatcher is something like the optical equivalent of a wind chime, and certainly many designs unite both the two. The most common window-hanging style brings attraction and panache to any room. Choose a color and pattern that harmonizes your decor. Window-hanging sun catchers can be the focal point of a room. Whichever you choose, you'll be delighted with the beauty sun catchers add to your decor.

Sun catchers aren't limited to windows. You can also find sun catchers for your garden, indoor plants, and for the rear view mirror of your car or as garden stakes, to append color to your flower garden in the off-season. While glass sun catchers are the most popular, don't forget about crystal sun catchers that reflects prisms of light, and lucid stones such as thinly sliced agate that make stunning natural sun catchers. There are sun catchers with pressed flowers, beads, gemstones, and even character themes for a child's room.

Valentine’s Day comes hot on the heels of Christmas, New Year and the Chinese New Year. While people do not normally decorate their homes extensively for Valentine's Day, now you have got in the decoration mood, why not have a few special Valentine crystal ornaments about the home to indicate the day. By their nature, sun catchers are very cheerful and optimistic, so are ideal for a heart warming Valentine’s Day, reflecting not just the sunlight but the light coming from your heart too. If you are lucky enough to find a good Valentine sun catcher, it will be an eye-catching feature for some time to come that are colored in reds and pinks and have heart shaped decorations. Seasonal crystal sun catchers are also fun and easy to decorate with. Prefer a sun catcher for each holiday, or modify your sun catcher with every season. It's a hasty way to bring a bit of holiday decor to a room without a lot of work or dragging boxes of holiday decorations out of storage.

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Crystal sun catchers will grace your home casting the full spectrum of energizing colors around the room. Each one hangs from beautifully hand-crafted, all glass and crystal bead decorations. Every crystal interacts with light which is the greatest energy in the universe. Smaller versions hang from your rear-view mirror. There is a wide variety of shapes and color combinations from which to choose and prices range from $1 on up. Organza drawstring bags and hangers are available for ready to give gifts. Crystals are said to embody the harmony of the universe because their atoms are ordered perfectly to reflect light and color.
Mounted fixtures don't just add light to a room; they are more like works of art, bringing beauty and personality into your home. Unlike lamps that you can move around, chandeliers and sconces are more permanent, so proper placement is necessary for them to work well and look good. Consider scale too. A too-small fixture will look lost; one that's too large will overpower a space. You'll probably hire an electrician to do the work, so you want to avoid a costly mistake. Follow these tips for shopping and hanging success.

Chandeliers: For a dining room, a chandelier should hang above the center of your table. If the electrical connection in your ceiling doesn't work with your table's center, add a heavy-duty decorative hook in the ceiling above the center of your table, and then attach a length of chain to carry the wiring from the electrical connection to the hook.
In general for 8- to 9-foot ceilings, the bottom of your chandelier should be between 30 and 33 inches above the tabletop.

Chandeliers for other rooms should be placed higher than 8 feet above the floor in the middle of the room or foyer for safety and style.

Sconces: These should be hung so that the light source is at or just above eye level. You don't want to be able to look down into a sconce and see its inner mechanism. In a room with very tall ceilings, it is appropriate to place them a little higher.

Also consider traffic in the room. Don't allow a sconce to extend so far from the wall that people risk knocking into it when walking by. To avoid seeing a tangle of unattractive electrical cords, have an electrician install the wiring into the wall.


* Size: When selecting a dining room chandelier, scale is important. You don't want the fixture to dominate a table or look too dinky. Take width and length measurements (or the diameter for a round table) with you when shopping. Subtract 12 inches from your table's width (or diameter), and the result is an appropriately sized fixture.

A small sconce will look lost on a long wall, so choose a complementary shape and size for the best display. For example, if your walls are tall, choose a long, vertical sconce.

* Style: Times have changed when it comes to light fixtures. You don't have to match your table and your chandelier. If you have a traditional dining room table, it's perfectly fine to add a drum shade chandelier to give the room flair. Likewise, more streamlined polished nickel sconces will update a Federal-style mantel.

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Well everybody, I am back with another really inexpensive idea. This week I want to tell you how to have beautiful, lighted wall sconces, without any electricity at all. Cute Huh? Start with the battery operated push on lights, that you can purchase at any department store. You can find them in packs of 6 or 8 for as little as ten dollars. Mount them on the wall where you would like your sconces, next figure out your lampshade. You could cut an old lamp shade in half, turn it upside down and secure it to the wall. That is a great idea, but use your imagination, like we discussed last week you could also cut a wicker basket in half, that is really cute. BUT, what about a straw hat, this one is my favorite to date. Though the possibilities are endless. Let me know if you come up with something really unique. Remember, the only limit you have is your own imagination. To secure the basket or lampshades, I like to use cup hooks down the side and screwed directly into the wall. To secure things like straw hats, I prefer to use a staple gun. If you have an idea but are unsure of how to secure it or have any other problems, contact me, I bet we can figure it out.


Bring harmony into your life

Faceted crystal balls are a very popular contemporary feng shui cure. Hold one of these lovely objects up to a sunny window or other light source and a multitude of tiny "rainbows" will fill the room. Each little rainbow contains all the colors of the visible spectrum, bringing both vitality and balance to the room.

This ability to split a beam of light and send it radiating in many directions makes faceted crystal balls an ideal protection against "secret arrows" of sha (negative) chi. This feng sui cure also radiates blessings wherever it is placed, and is a powerful magnifier of your intention.

Feng shui crystals are most often hung from the ceiling, in a doorway, or in windows, but they can be used anywhere you want to enhance chi. Good places to use feng shui crystals include:

In the center of a long, narrow hallway to slow down fast-moving chi
In front of any source of "secret arrows," such as a sharp corner or object near where you eat, relax, sleep, or work
In front of a large window through which too much chi is escaping
In the tai chi (center) of a home or room where energy feels low
Directly over your head as you sit at your desk, to inspire mental activity (be aware that this can have an over-stimulating effect for some people; if you feel stressed and scattered, take the crystal down)
Beneath a ceiling fan over your bed (or other key location, such as the dining table), to protect against "cutting" chi from the fans blades
Anywhere you'd like to activate chi
For added impact, you can hang your feng shui crystal from a red string or ribbon cut to a multiple of nine inches (9", 18", 27"). The ball can hang any distance from the ceiling; it's the cut length of the string that is important. If you buy crystal balls from a feng shui supplier, they may come with red cord already attached.

Another way to add power to your crystal is to use a beaded string that includes smaller crystals and accent beads in colors that support the energy of a specific intention or area of the ba gua (green and purple for prosperity, for example, blues and black for career, or pinks and red for romance). Semi-precious stone beads such as amethyst, peridot, garnet, turquoise, onyx, and rose quartz can also be used to add beauty and good vibrations.

You can also place a faceted crystal ball on a desk, table, or home altar. Wear a little one on a red ribbon around your neck to activate your personal chi, or hang one from the rear-view mirror of your car to enhance, bless, and protect you while you drive.

The size of your crystal should be appropriate to the size of the space where you plan to use it. Crystals hung in the center of a large home or room should be 40mm or larger. The 30mm size is good for smaller spaces, beneath ceiling fans, or over your bed or desk. The little 20mm crystals are too small to have much effect on a room, but are just right for the interior of your car.

Faceted crystals come in many different shapes, and even different colors. A pink heart-shaped crystal, for example, can be a lovely addition to kun gua to encourage romance. For general use, however, or when you need a powerful cure, a colorless faceted ball is usually the best choice.

Remember to keep your crystal clean as dirt, dust, and fingerprints can also lessen the effectiveness of your cure, so be sure to clean your crystal at least once a year, or more often if necessary. After cleaning, you can take a moment to empower the crystal with your strong intention to protect, bless, or energize the space.

High-quality faceted crystal balls can be expensive in the larger sizes, but the quality and power of a really good crystal is worth the investment.

Are you curious what crystals colors mean?

The Happy stone. Helps you relieve depression.

A mentally and emotionally calming stone which helps you to release worry. It also brings your beliefs to the surface for release.

Mirror of your soul, representing your uniqueness and your journey towards clarity. In combination with other colors, it enhances their energy.

Helps you to separate your emotions from those of others. A grounding color which helps with your self-esteem.

Considered to be the best all-purpose color, it is especially good for soothing your heart and emotions and for creating a feeling of balance and well-being.

Light Blue
Helps you to experience peace and serenity, especially in your communications.

Light Green
A mental color which helps you to release persistent and unwanted patterns of thought. It is particularly helpful with your thought patterns which have lodged in your emotional body, such as anxiety and worry.

Light Purple
The perfect choice if you feel overstressed, overworked, or overwhelmed. It helps calm your home and bring forward a peaceful feeling.

Has a balancing and stabilizing effect. Helps your home to discover the roots of time and preservation.

If you feel overwhelmed by emotions, it helps to create emotional balance by harmonizing feelings with the higher self. If you feel out of touch with your feelings, it brings them into awareness.

Teaches us to love ourselves, thus opening you up to universal love; heals emotional wounds and gives comfort; helps you to overcome grief.

Helps you release yout anger, guilt, and resentment; puts you in touch with your inner source of strength and light.

Helps you to stabilize all aspects of your being; a stress-reliever which connects you and your home to a inner strength and flow.

This color helps you to balance your energies and also lends a quality of inspiration and confidence to your live.

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