Clear Replacement Chandelier Crystals





french chandelier teardrop crystal replacement
crystal chandelier replacement parts
TOP CRYSTAL INCLUDED (as shown)Each crystal is cut to insure sparkle.Perfect chandelier crystals or as suncatchers.Adds tiny rainbows of colors.Our crystal prisms are stunning and easy to attach.PRISM MEASUREMENTS: (One attached octagonal prisms add an additional ½ INCH)   38mm or 1½ inches - Total crystals' length w/ 1 octagon:    2 inches   50mm or    2 inches - Total crystals' length w/ 1 octagon: 2½ inches   63mm or 2½ inches - Total crystals' length w/ 1 octagon:    3 inches   76mm or    3 inches - Total crystals' length w/ 1 octagon: 3½ inches   89mm or 3½ inches - Total crystals' length w/ 1 octagon:    4 inches 101mm or    4 inches - Total crystals' length w/ 1 octagon: 4½ inches   price: $ based on size Need your crystals in a hurry?All of our crystals usually ship same day.Monday through Saturday holidays excludedIt's hard to show the actual color of translucent crystals as each monitor may show them differently. We have...
acrylic crystal chandelier replacement prisms
acrylic crystal chandelier replacement prisms
Sold Out
Our acrylic crystal prisms are lightweight and easy to attach.PRISM MEASUREMENTS: 2"  (Four attached hexagonal prisms add an additional 3 1/2 INCHES) Total crystal swags length: 5 ½ inches   Our faceted acrylic crystals (sold as pictured) are perfect for beading on our bobeche or adding to any chandelier. Our fine acrylic prisms are faceted the same way Bohemian glass and Swarovski crystals are but without the weight or cost. Our crystal acrylic chandelier parts are strong and make beautiful accessories to any crystal items.   Not just for chandelier replacement anymore, our lightweight acrylic crystal prisms are the perfect ornaments for home decorating as well as arts and crafts. Acrylic prisms are a great accent to your new or antique chandelier and are perfect as Christmas tree decorations. Try mixing and matching colors for a unique look.   Don't buy cheap "plastic" crystals. Use Cristalier quality ACRYLIC beads & crystals for all of your projects There is a difference between molded Plastic...
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