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We do NOT measure the top bead as this item can change as your design needs change.
Do NOT include the top bead when you measure for crystals.







Millimeters    /    Inches

12  /   .47
14  /   .55
16  /   .62
18  /   .70
20  /   .78 
22  /   .86
24  /   .94
26  / 1.02
28  / 1.10 
30  / 1.18
32  / 1.25
34  / 1.33
36  / 1.41
38  /  1.49
40  / 1.57
44  / 1.73
50  / 1.96
55  / 2.16
63  / 2.50
70  / 2.75
76  / 3.00
89  / 3.50
101 / 4.00



Cristalier crystals come in 9 brilliant colors to bring sparkle into your home or project. 

  • AB (Aurora Borealis) - This is primarily a clear crystal that has a special coating that reflects a deeper rainbow effect. The AB crystals have a softer pink, blue and purple reflection inside the crystal. They are often called Opal. When looked at from afar, they look mostly clear but you will notice there is something special about them.

  • Amber - The amber crystals have a warm golden glow. Amber prisms are a true amber. Amber is known as the Happy stone and helps you relieve depression.

  • Aqua - The aqua crystals are reminding of deep tropical water. Aqua prisms are often called teal or turquoise crystals. Aqua is known to help you to experience peace and serenity, especially in your communications.

  • Black - The black crystals are dark and mysterious. Black prisms are often called onyx. Black crystals are known as power crystals and can help with relieving fears.

  • Blue - The blue crystals are rich and regal. Blue Prisms are often called sapphire. Blue crystals are known as a mentally and emotionally calming stone which helps you to release worry.

  • Clear - The clear crystals are bright and brilliant. Clear prisms are often called diamonds. Clear crystals are known as the mirror of your soul, representing your uniqueness and your journey towards clarity. In combination with other colors, it enhances their energy.

  • Green - The green crystals are fresh and crisp. Green prisms are often called emerald or peridot. Green crystals are considered to be the best all-purpose color, it is especially good for soothing your heart and emotions and for creating a feeling of balance and well-being.

  • Pink - The pink crystals are soft and sweet. Pink prisms are often called rose or baby pink. Pink crystals teach us to love ourselves, thus opening you up to universal love; heals emotional wounds and gives comfort; helps you to overcome grief.

  • Purple - We carry two purple crystal colors, light purple, and dark purple. Purple prisms are often called amethyst. The light purple crystal is known as the perfect choice if you feel overstressed, overworked, or overwhelmed. It helps calm your home and bring forward a peaceful feeling. The dark purple helps you release your anger, guilt, and resentment; puts you in touch with your inner source of strength and light. 

  • Red - The red is a rich royal color. Red prisms are often called ruby. The red crystal is known to Helps you to stabilize all aspects of your being; a stress-reliever which connects you and your home to an inner strength and flow. 


Faceted Ball Crystal
 Heart Shape Crystal

Icicle Shape Crystal

Swedish Crystal

British Crystal

American Crystal

Tuscan Crystal

Diamond Crystal 

French Crystal

Whimsical Crystal

Tiffany Crystal

Spear Crystal



Light fixtures require regular cleaning just like other household fixtures. Clean and clear light fixtures not only look better, but they also shine brighter. Sparkling lights and fixtures provide more light and beauty to a home than fixtures that are ignored. You'll find that cleaning your light fixtures on a regular basis is well worth the effort. 

Crystal Chandeliers

There's no other light fixture quite as lovely as a crystal chandelier. The beautiful hanging crystals capture the light as they glimmer and glisten like drops of rain in the sunshine. When a crystal chandelier is clean, it reflects the cleanliness of the surroundings and the beauty of the home. 

With dozens of multifaceted hanging crystals, cleaning a crystal chandelier seems like a time-consuming chore, but you don't have to take it apart. There's an easy way to clean a crystal chandelier, and you'll be amazed by how quick and effortless it truly is. 

Begin by placing thick absorbent towels on the floor beneath the chandelier. Cover the towels with several layers of newsprint. So that moisture doesn't get into light sockets, cover the bulbs and sockets with small plastic bags, and secure them with rubber bands or twist ties. 

Thoroughly spray each hanging crystal with glass cleaner. The dirt, dust, and grime will run off and onto the newsprint. Allow them to drip dry, or polish them individually with a clean soft cloth. Your crystal chandelier will shine beautifully, and you won't spend all day taking it apart, cleaning it, and putting it back together. 



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