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How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

Get Rid of the Dust to Light Up Your World

Spring 2007 courtesy of People's Media Co.

Light fixtures require regular cleaning just like other household fixtures. Clean and clear light fixtures not only look better, but they also shine brighter. Sparkling lights and fixtures provide more light and beauty to a home than fixtures that are ignored. You'll find that cleaning your light fixtures on a regular basis is well worth the effort.

Crystal Chandeliers

There's no other light fixture quite as lovely as a crystal chandelier. The beautiful hanging crystals capture the light as they glimmer and glisten like drops of rain in the sunshine. When a crystal chandelier is clean, it reflects the cleanliness of the surroundings and the beauty of the home.

With dozens of multifaceted hanging crystals, cleaning a crystal chandelier seems like a time-consuming chore, but you don't have to take it apart. There's an easy way to clean a crystal chandelier, and you'll be amazed by how quick and effortless it truly is.

Begin by placing thick absorbent towels on the floor beneath the chandelier. Cover the towels with several layers of newsprint. So that moisture doesn't get into light sockets, cover the bulbs and sockets with small plastic bags, and secure them with rubber bands or twist ties.

Thoroughly spray each hanging crystal with glass cleaner. The dirt, dust, and grime will run off and onto the newsprint. Allow them to drip dry, or polish them individually with a clean soft cloth. Your crystal chandelier will shine beautifully, and you won't spend all day taking it apart, cleaning it, and putting it back together.

Flickering Chandelier Bulbs

Dirt and dust embedded in the sockets of chandeliers can cause lights to flicker. To safely clean them, turn off the power at the electrical box, take out the bulbs, and carefully sand the electrical contacts. Blow out the dust, and reinstall the light bulbs. Turn the power back on, and your lights should no longer flicker because of dirt, dust, and grime.

Ceiling Fixtures

Before cleaning ceiling fixtures, make certain they're completely cool before removing the screws and handling the parts. After taking down globes or covers, allow them to soak in a sink of warm soapy water to loosen the dirt, dust, and grime. If the fixtures are covered in kitchen grease, add a little household ammonia to the water. Clean them with a soft cloth, and rinse well before drying. Replace the globes and securely tighten the hardware that holds them in place.

Lamp Bases

Dust lamp bases on a regular basis, and occasionally polish them with the appropriate cleaning products. Polish wood bases with lemon or orange oil, and unplug lamps made from synthetic materials before wiping them with a dampened sponge. Metal parts should be cleaned and polished with products formulated especially for the particular type of metal they're made from.

Light Bulbs

If your light bulbs are covered in dust, you're wasting costly energy. Light bulbs that are shrouded by dust aren't nearly as bright as they could be. Keep your light bulbs clean and your surroundings will be considerably brighter.

To clean a light bulb, first make sure the fixture is unplugged and the light bulb is completely cool. Dampen a clean sponge, and gently wipe away dust and grime. Plug the lamp back in after the bulb has dried, and you'll be amazed by how bright it shines.



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