Black Crystals

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black replacement crystal ball for chandelier
BLACK CRYSTAL BALL (sold as shown) Each Black crystal ball is cut to insure sparkle. Perfect chandelier crystals or as suncatchers. Adds tiny rainbows of colors. Our GLASS crystal prisms are lightweight and easy to attach.PRISM MEASUREMENTS: (includes hole for hanging or attaching to any of our other crystals) 20 mm or .78 inches **Nickel sized 30 mm or 1.18 inches **Quarter + sized 40 mm or 1.57 inches **Golf ball sized 50 mm or 2 inches **Racquetball sized price: $ Based on Size Need your crystals in a hurry?All of our crystals usually ship same day.Monday through Saturday holidays excludedIt's hard to show the actual color of translucent crystals as each monitor may show them differently. We have tried to show them as close to possible.Product Code: G-D-BLA-
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