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See Crystal Wedding Tree Video
The famous "Crystal Wedding Tree"
Since 2005, we have helped over 2000 brides achieve the magic of their very own crystal wedding tree.
Let us be a part of your special day. Call one of our designers for more information 206.259.9100

A Stunning Focal Point for the room as shown in Bride's magazine - Brilliant idea: Simple centerpieces succeed with a single eye-catching installation, such as this crystal-festooned tree, as the party's focal point. The main attraction: tree branches—spray-painted silver, and dripping with crystal ropes—sit atop a special champagne bar (or escort card station). centerpieces. Perfect for Showers, Receptions, Engagement Parties, Brunches and more. Crystal candle holders with taper candles serve as simple guest table decorations, while crystal leafs adorn the backs of the chairs (double as guest favors). Bride's magazine is full of stunning decor ideas like this. You can subscribe to Bride's by visiting their website at

This stunning tree was made using 16mm and 26mm size glass crystal octagons linked with gold (brass) eye-pin connectors into long ropes, however you could use silver for a different look. To stretch the budget to create this magnificent tree, considering using glass crystals in varying sizes. You can create a similar tree with a lesser quality of crystal by using our acrylic strands, however there is a distinct difference in quality and sparkle which is best seen when viewed in direct light such as ambient spot room lighting (shining down on the crystal tree in these pictures and up from the base).
Due to the abundance of requests regarding the Crystal Wedding trees we have listed the following info:

This tree was made using 30% leaded crystal strands BUT you can achieve great results with glass!!!

It is ok to mix glass strands with leaded strands, but do not mix in acrylic.

If you use acrylic to make a tree, you need to use all acrylic pieces.

All of our strands can be separated/attached on every half inch.

In this video you will see a crystal wedding tree with large as well as a designers' take on adding crystals and sparkle to your wedding or special event.
In this crystal wedding tree video you will see a bride discuss using a crystal wedding tree in her wedding and you will see the final results of her wedding. Cristalier is proud to be a supplier of the design house who put together this amazing wedding. supplies some of the worlds' largest companies with our line of crystals. We manufacture our own line of brilliant crystals so you are always sure to get the finest quality at the lowest prices. While we do not manufacture lead crystals, our glass crystals are brilliant. Your crystal wedding tree will sparkle with glass crystals but cost less than half the price if you use more expensive lead crystals.

As seen -Sandals Hotel-Preston Bailey Collection
Create a stunning crystal wedding tree for your special day.
As seen in numerous bridal magazines. Easy to create, use our crystal balls or even our acrylic spheres hung from silver craft wire to add shimmer and sparkle. Imagine glass crystals hung with candlelight! This is a cost-efficient way to achieve the beautiful look without the high price tag.
Shown are 20mm crystal balls.

A Stunning Focal Point for event, wedding reception or home decorations, this Stunning crystal wedding tree from Sandals Caribbean Resorts is breathtaking. It uses far less crystals than Crystal Tree Project shown on this page (see below) (making it less expensive). You can make a similar tree, with or without the orchids or votive cups with the same crystal found here on our site. This tree, like the other crystal tree seen on this page, works for daytime or evening events. Daylight (unlike candle-light) causes unbelievable rainbows of light in the crystals used, bringing out a sparkle that cannot be captured on film or with indoor lighting. It is just unbelievable for an outdoor ceremony and can be moved indoors for an indoor reception.

The signature "Crystal Wedding Tree" with votive crystals and orchids hanging from tree branches stands elegantly in the box, providing stylish shade for the sunken pool already filled with hundreds of water lilies. Cushions in rich, sensuous tones of cerise, citrus and lavender are thrown 'off-handedly' throughout the room, further softening the effect.Weddings in the Caribbean are, after all, a perfect juxtaposition of warm, laid-back chic, spiced ever so gently with pomp and tradition.

This tree is a special native tree found in the Caribbean which is hung with crystals (they are not round balls, but octagons which are narrow from the side and reflect more light however balls could also be used), orchids and pot shaped glass votive cups.


You can purchase our crystal octagons or pre-strung strands and make a similar tree. Not sure what size tree to buy? We have found a great site that offers the Manzanita tree - visit Nettleton Hollow for more information about the trees.
The tree used in the picture is a tree native to the Caribbean which you will not likely find it to use in your area. You will need to substitute the tree.

Instructions to create your very own wedding tree.
The most common question we get is "How many crystals will I need to create these trees?"
There is no definite answer. Some people will want very full trees, while others may want subtle crystal highlights. No matter what your look it is best to get your tree first so you will have a better idea of how you want it to look.
The best way to estimate how many strands you will need is to use thread tied to paperclips.
    • Tie the thread (weighed down with the paperclip) to your branches. This replicates the strands.
    • Once you have the look you want. Remove the threads counting the inches your tree requires.
    • Divide the number of inches by 36 and that will give you an idea of how many strands you need.
Need more help call one our designers at 206.259.9100

Crystal strands can be added to floral arraignments, centerpieces and bouquets.
Your only limit is your creativity!
Our strands are the chosen crystals for wedding designers, planners and florist across the U.S.
Call today to inquire about bulk pricing.

Try creating a fun tree done for a New Year's party.
Done in red crystals on black painted branches.
Drastic and sparkling,
Green crystals in black twigs against white.
Oriental party
A simple party centerpiece.
Dried twigs spray painted white with colored crystals adorning the branches.

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Elegant Bronze 42" Metal Tree
Our Price: $39.95
Elegant Bronze 42" Metal Tree
Elegant Bronze
42" ( 3˝ feet) Metal Tree
42" H - Approx 28" W - Base 17"
Includes 5 Glass Hanging Vases/Votive Holders