Cristalier Crystal Wedding Tree Size Diagram

Choosing the right size tree.
We are here to help you find the perfect tree for your event. Please take a look at the diagrams shown below.
You will notice the trees are represented with a large T.
The top of the T is the top area of the tree. The next line is the bottom of the tree top. The tree top is where you will hang your crystals or flowers.
Be sure to notice where the tree top ends in comparison to where your guests will be sitting. You may notice that the smaller crystal wedding tree might block the path of your guests. Our 60 inch tree is the ideal size for table tops. Our larger trees are perfect for doorways or to flank alters.

Here is our Cristalier Crystal Wedding Tree diagram
If you are confused as to what size metal tree to purchase for your table centerpieces, we are here to help.
Here are three diagrams to give you an idea of how the trees look on a table top.
Notice where the top of the 42" tree is and where the bottom of the tree "head" is. This size can block some of the visual path on a table top.
The 60" size leaves plenty of area to see across the table clearly.
The 70" tree is very large and serves better on the ground flanking either an alter or doorways. It is also great in room corners to bring added drama.

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