Manzanita trees vs Cristalier Metal Trees

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While a natural manzanita trees was shown in Bride's magazines, florists, event planners and wedding coordinators found that while beautiful, the actual ability to ship economically, set up quickly and compactly store a real manzanita tree was less than attainable.
Manzanita trees have very brittle branches that break easily making it impossible to reuse the tree on further special occasions. Another draw back to the natural manzanita is the inconsistency in their growth pattern. Creating an ideal tree can take numerous branches to achieve a full and symmetrical centerpiece; this is especially difficult in larger displays. At the same time you must attempt to calculate the appropriate base size while still considering your design, than try moving your tree to your wedding or reception location. Not only is it risky to move but if it breaks during transporting, what will you do?
For professional designers and Do-It-Yourself Brides, these obstacles can take from the fairytale vision planned for your very special event.
Another alternative to natural trees is synthetic "plastic" or "rubber" trees.
While these have been sold at **** *** ******* in the past, they were discontinued due to potential fire hazard from candlelight. Many unknowing customers either hung votive holders from the frail plastic branches or placed candles underneath the rubbery limbs. Once the latex rubber coated wire branches heated up, the tree began to melt and catch on fire.
If you should choose to use a fake or faux rubber reproduction manzanita tree, please do not use candles or on or near the tree, it's just not worth the risk.
Halogen lights or any high heat light bulbs can also cause the plastic to melt. To keep you and your guests safe, It is best to keep any type of light away from this type of tree.

Ethylene glycol: Is the main componant of caulking required for repairing reproduction or synthetic trees. Ethylene glycol is not only dangerous to humans, animals & the enviroment, it is also highly flammable. Please take this into consideration if trying to repair a rubber reproduction manzanita tree using caulking, this includes and it not limited to paintable caulk.

Florists & Designers, be sure to have customers sign a liabilty release waiver prior to renting or purchasing faux manzanita trees.
Also note: reproduction or synthetic latex trees can NOT support strands to be hung from the end of the branches. You can only hang 1 foot strands closer into the base of the tree and the tree can't support the full crystal look that is so desired. On a 4' tree a 1' strand is not enough to create a willowy or dreamy look.
What benefit is a reproduction tree that can't hold tealight candles or fresh flowers, can't support strands and requires you to purchase an additional base compound mix (concrete) so your tree doesn't fall over?
Why choose Cristalier Metal Trees for your next event?
  • No waiting 4-5 months to receive a tree that may or may not show up in time for your event.
  • No worry about the quality of your tree, we guarantee our products.
  • No need for non-refundable deposits! You order today, we ship same to next day
  • No hidden shipping costs. You pay one low flat rate shipping price no matter how many you order!

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