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Is Cristalier and Crystalier the same company?

No, and Crystalier Company (with a “Y”) are not affiliated in anyway.

Cristalier was formed in 1998. Cristalier Crystals manufactures the finest quality glass and acrylic chandelier replacement crystals as well as the largest selection of crystals for florists, wedding designers and event planners. We are the largest most informative source of crystal wedding tree crystals, metal trees and chandelier crystals. With over 500 stock crystals in 9 brilliant colors, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Crystalier is a company located in Denver that offers “Bups” figurines, "Buplets" figurines and "Crystalier" figurines. From what we can tell they were established online in 2006.

While Crystalier does offer figurines, they are not the same as If you have a hard time remembering the name and get it mixed up with, with a “Y”, you can use any of our other domain names that may be easier for you to remember.

You can find Cristalier online under these alternate domains:

You can reach by calling 206.259.9100 or text 253.292.5505

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Why doesn't the shopping cart work?

Why doesn't the shopping cart work?
If you are having problems using our Shopping Cart, your internet browser may not be set to accept "cookies". A Cookie is a small piece of code that allows us to "remember" your order and add the items to the shopping bag.

You need to accept cookies from our website so that we keep your shopping items in your Shopping Bag. To do this, you need to add our shopping cart as a trusted site. Each browser is a little different, so we provided information below on how to accept cookies on a variety of browsers below. If you are still having problems, you are always welcome to place orders over the telephone by contacting customer service at 206.259.9100 or text 253.292.5505

Steps for Enabling Cookies

Internet Explorer 6.0

1. On the top menu bar, click ‘Tools’ then ‘Internet Options…’

2. In the Internet Options dialog box, select the ‘Security’ tab at the top.

3. Click on the green circle with a check mark labeled ‘Trusted sites’ underneath.

4. Now you will be able to click on the button ‘Sites…’

5. Make sure Require server verification at the bottom is not checked.

6. In the box under ‘Add this Web site to the zone:’ type and click ‘Add’

7. Click ‘OK’ and then ‘OK’

Mozilla Firefox

1. On the menu at the top, Select Tools then Options.

2. Click the Privacy panel and select the Cookies tab.

3. Click the ‘Exceptions’.

4. In the section ‘Address of web site:’ type

5. Click ‘Allow’

6. Click ‘Close’

How do I contact you?
We are available to call:

Monday-Thursday 9am to 4pm PST,

1 206 259 9100
206 259 9100 (returns, damaged, lost or cancelled orders)
206 259 9100 (customer inquiry, wholesale, sales, designer advice)

We are located at:

311 3rd St NE
Auburn, WA 98002

1 206 259 9100
(253) 292 5505 text

email us with any questions at:
Customer Service

Our typical response time for answering emails is 24-72 hours of your email. If you would like a faster answer please call.

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