Crystal Wedding Tree FAQ'S

Crystal Wedding Tree FAQ'S

Cristalier Crystal Wedding Trees or the alternative companies- - what's the REAL deal?

The following questions have been asked by customers via the phone, email and live chat. We know that choosing to purchase online can make a person a little nervous. So we have collected your most FAQ's to help your decision making process a little more informed. And as always, you are free to call 206.259.9100 or text 253.292.5505. if you ever need further assistance or would like to see your question listed here.

How long has Cristalier been in business?

We have been in business since 1998, with a strong online presence since 1999.

How many employees does Cristalier have?

At one time we had over 56 full-time employees, with updated programs and more streamlined management; over the years, we have scaled back to fewer then 50 .

How many products does Cristalier offer their customers?

I haven't really got the exact count, but I remember some time last year we hit our 500th product. We add new molds to our line every quarter and work directly with world renowned designers to stay with the current trends and colors.

Do you manufacture all of your own products?

We do, with exception to the Swarovski line. Those we purchase directly from Swarovski and have shipped to our factories to be assembled; everything else is directly manufacture in our factory. This is how we can offer such great prices on our crystals.

Cristalier manufacture both glass crystals and acrylic crystals, why?

Originally we began manufacturing acrylic crystals for movie and production studios, theaters and display studios. They wanted crystals but safety was a concern. Glass wasn't always an option, so we offered an alternative in acrylic. After a while, many new customers requested glass, we decided to make both. Many of our crystals are available in either glass or acrylic.

Are Cristalier glass crystals as good as Swarovski®?

Swarovski crystals are amazing and no one in the world has access to their secret formula in regards to creating their crystals. It is speculated that Swarovski crystals contain some 30+% lead which gives them their "over the top" fire and sparkle. There is nothing in the world that can compete with Swarovski, but we find the 90% of our customer are very happy with our glass line's quality and price point.

Are all of Cristalier crystals always in stock?

We have over 1,000,000 (one million +) crystals in stock on any given day, but sometimes a particular crystal may be bought out completely in a shorter than anticipated period of time. In that case, we schedule the machines to start rerun a new batch to make sure we will have more available as quickly as possible.

Does Cristalier sell only to stores or companies?

Until 2 years ago, Cristalier did only sell directly to large scale clients with order minimums starting at $5000.With business structures changing and more companies realigning their position in the market place, we dropped our minimum and offered our products on a more widely available platform. While our larger corporate customers still have their pricing structures, we have established a lowered tier point with the smaller businesses and the end consumer in mind. Now with a minimum 1 piece order, anyone can order directly from Cristalier.

How fast do orders ship?

Since we maintain stock of all of our products, it is our shipping departments' goal to ship orders in 24 - 48 hours (excluding holidays and weekends, of course).

How can Cristalier offer such low shipping rates?

We have been shipping online, since before shopping online was popular. For 10 years, we have been studying ways to ship your products at the lowest price possible. Our shipping department has maintained long standing accounts with UPS, DHL, FedEx and the USPS. They attend seminars and classes on proper shipping techniques and efficiency, and when your shipping costs more that our flat rate covers, we pay the difference, so you don't have to!

How often does Cristalier keep introducing new products such as the Recessed Light Chandelier and the Cristalier Wedding Tree?

We employ some of the most talented and creative individuals who not only enjoy their work, they take it to heart.Some of our designers are given the opportunity to visit exciting cities & countries to see first hand what new and innovative ideas can stem. They study, research and discuss concepts at a bi-yearly weekend retreat.Once the team has collectively agreed on a new concept, it goes to upper management for further assessment. Once we are sure we can offer our customers a new quality product at a competitive price, we introduced it into the Cristalier line.

Is this how the Crystal Wedding Tree began? Is this an exclusive Cristalier design?

To keep our designers current with styles and trends in home decor, Cristalier sends designers to remote locations across the globe. It was on one of these trips about 4 years ago, that one of our designers took some pictures of tree branches in vases with crystals hanging from the limbs. She emailed the photos to the office that same day (we still show them on our site) it was the next year that Geoff Howell studios had a more elaborate version featured in Bride's magazine.

The tree decorated by Geoff Howell was amazing! Are those Cristalier crystals?

While Geoff Howell Studios has been one of our more esteemed clients, it would be impossible to say if those particular crystal strands were directly purchased from Cristalier. We specialize in our brand of glass strands, but have carried Swarovski crystals over the years.

The tree shown in the photo, what kind of a tree is that?

That is a manzanita tree. They are amazingly strong trees. They are naturally a dark reddish color but can be sand-blasted to a blonde wood color. They tend to grow naturally in a crooked or kinked pattern, this gives them their unique look.

I saw another site that offers real Manzanita trees, why doesn't Cristalier?

Currently we have chosen to not sell real trees. We feel that our customers have the right to know exactly what they are purchasing. Your event is too important to risk, it for this very reason that we don't offer natural trees. When dealing with natural products, no company can guarantee what you are really going to receive. While we can recommend online sources for real manzanita branches or trees, we want you to remember, nature is not perfect and your natural tree may not be either. "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder", of course an online company trying to sell you a natural tree that they "prune" and "hand pick" for you is going to think it is beautiful, but will you? To often clients will see the amazing pictures of the wedding tree with the champagne glasses and think that they will receive that tree; when in fact they receive something completely different and end up disappointed.

What about rubber or reproduction trees, will you be carrying those?

At one time we had a prototype design of a rubber tree to offer our customers. It failed safety tests as rubber trees are a fire hazard. You can not use any type of candle on or even near a rubber tree. Even candles placed on the table posed a threat.

Once you get past the fire hazard with the use of battery operated votives, rubber trees simply can not support strands of crystals on the outside branches or even the battery candle for that matter. Glass strands fell off the branches time and time again unless they were placed very close to the inner branch which defeats the whole look. A 1 foot strand of crystals weighs approx 1.4 ounces, a rubber branch can't even support that little amount of weight. We rejected the entire concept of rubber trees.

Is the Cristalier Metal Wedding Tree new?

Yes. Too many customers were becoming frustrated with trying to make their own trees. They were not having any luck trying to find real manzanita trees that looked good, and if they did find one, making a base was difficult. All in all, the crystal wedding tree was getting a bad rap. Everyone wanted one, but couldn't find one! So we designed our metal trees to solve the problem. Easy to ship, easy to set up, beautiful and priced for any budget!

How can I decide what size tree to use on my tabletop?

Again, Cristalier is here to help. Take a look at our Crystal Tree Diagram to get a better visual of to choose the right tree size for your event!

I saw on another site that your metal trees are dangerous and can topple over?

We saw that too! The owner/employee/assembler of that site visits daily and tries to think up new ways to prey on customers fears. Unfortunately, it happens, but we have decided to hit it head on. You’re an intelligent person and you deserve the truth so that you can make an informed decision. Simply put... that statement is not true!

Logically, if " 3' or taller METAL trees can easily fall over if a table-cloth is pulled by a guest or table is rocked", then wouldn't their own 3' or taller REAL trees fall over just as easily?

While safety testing our trees, our 6' tree was fully adorned with over 33 pounds of flowers and crystals and placed on a 30" table. A 180 pound person had to run from 7 FEET away and hit the table very hard to make the tree sway enough to possibly fall over, even then the tree didn't fall over but some crystals & flowers did fall off. (Actually the whole table slide over a few inches, but the tree still stood)

It is a shame about that other site but it did make me wonder, which is better, 1 foot strands or 3 foot strands?

That's up to you to decide.Whether you choose 3 foot strands and separate them where and how long you want OR you add 1 foot lengths together AND THEN take them apart how long you want them, it is just as easy to add a clip as it is to remove one.There is no added risk to breaking an octagon either way.We have found that 3 foot strands offer you multiple ways to separate the strand into numerous lengths or you can add more together for longer curtains or taller trees. Point is = 3 foot strands are more versatile! Some sites try to trick you into thinking you are buying their strands for less. but if you read the description carefully, you will notice they are selling 1 foot strands. We sell our strands in 3 foot lengths (actually they are 39 inches) to give you more for your money. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

OK, one last clarification, according to what I read, bowties are not as good in strands?

A bowtie clip is the same clip as any other clip. The name "bowtie" comes from the look of a little bowtie but the concept is still the same as others you may see online. The way the clip works is like a staple, one "arm" goes into the hole in the crystal, and bends over so it doesn't fall out, then the process is repeated with the other “arm” into the another crystal. This makes the strand. Now whether the middle of the "staple" looks like a bowtie or an "S" or a "Curly Q", IT ALL WORKS the SAME!

Rings are another alternative to clips, but we don't use them and here's why.They are more difficult to remove and can scratch the glass or Swarovski crystal. Since our acrylic is scratch-proof, we use rings on our acrylic strands only.

Why do you say it is ok to mix Swarovski with Glass but not Glass & Acrylic?

Swarovski strands can add amazing fire and sparkle to a tree, but it can be costly. By mixing in glass strands you can stretch your budget further.

Our acrylic strands on their own have a beautiful look as well, but when placed next to our quality glass, the difference become more noticeable. This is why we don't recommend mixing the two different materials.

What are Diamante crystals?

The definition found on Google is Diamante: A faceted, glittery glass bead like a rhinestone.
For 10 years, we have been a part of crystal manufacturing and we have NEVER heard of Diamante crystals. We have heard of Diamante Rhinestones by Swarovski. We contacted our Swarovski Rep and they informed us that they do not have a line of "crystals" under that name. Do not be tricked into thinking these are in any way affiliated with Swarovski as they are not!
So unless they are so new and exclusive that they haven't made it to the manufacturer shows yet, we can not offer any information regarding this "brand". What we have found is that another competitor sells some chandeliers named "Diamante", the name may have been "borrowed" from their website.

There is some mention of lead crystals being unsafe, should I be worried?

Proposition 65 Warning: Use of this product will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm or Not intended for food use.

With that in mind: Please do not lick, eat, taste or chew on any brand of leaded crystals! Better yet, any crystals period!

Here is the exact content regarding Proposition 65 from the State of California Website.

As you can see the law states:

If a warning is placed on a product label or posted or distributed at the workplace, a business, or in rental housing, the business issuing the warning is aware or believes that one or more listed chemicals is present. By law, a warning must be given for listed chemicals unless exposure is low enough to pose no significant risk of cancer or is significantly below levels observed to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

For a chemical that causes cancer, the "no significant risk level” is defined as the level of exposure that would result in not more than one excess case of cancer in 100,000 individuals exposed to the chemical over a 70-year lifetime. In other words, a person exposed to the chemical at the “no significant risk level” for 70 years would not have more than a “one in 100,000” chance of developing cancer as a result of that exposure.

In regards SPECIFICALLY to SWAROVSKI® crystals it reads:


Lead Crystal Glasses, Decanters & Pitchers

Lead crystal is also called crystal, flint glass or lead glass and is a soft, fusible, lustrous, brilliant lead-oxide optical glass with high refraction and low dispersion. An Englishman of the early 1600's added lead oxide to molten glass, thereby increasing its luster, brilliance, and refractive potential. The lead made the glass optically denser (more resistant to light rays passing through it). The rays bent as they passed through the lead glass, creating spectrums of pure color and brilliant reflected light. Acidic juices & wines stored in leaded crystal will become contaminated with lead.

Swarovski® crystal beads and components are leaded crystal.
These products should not be used for children’s jewelry.

Helpful hint: Never store liquids in lead crystal glasses or bottles, drink from lead crystal on a daily basis, (especially if you are pregnant!), or feed an infant or child from a lead crystal baby bottle or cup.


It means that by California law you should know that Swarovski & Strass crystals have lead content and that lead is unhealthy. Touching Swarovski crystals periodically to clean or replace them is not the same as drinking liquids that has been stored in a leaded crystal decanter. If you feel uncomfortable handling Swarovski crystals, you can use gloves or you may purchase our glass crystal strands with are lead free. Currently, Swarovski is in negotiations with the US EPA regarding their line of leaded crystals.

What this also means is that some companies may try to sell you "Non-leaded or Lead Free" Swarovski crystals that may not be Swarovski at all (they may even try to rename them under false names like Diamante Diamond-Cut Crystals). As Swarovski only manufacturers lead free Crystals under the Spectra Brand Name (Spectra is only distributed to 4 companies worldwide; those companies can not resale the crystal lighting components, they must be used in the manufacturing of completed lighting fixtures for resale) than the probability that you are receiving Lead Free Swarovski is questionable. So be sure to look for the appropriate product classification when purchasing leaded, lead-free or glass chandelier or crystal wedding tree parts.

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